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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of IR temperature sensor should I buy?

What Type of IR Temperature Sensor Should I Buy? read more

Can I calibrate the NIR Smart Sensor myself?

All NIR smart sensors from Process Sensors are simple to calibrate and require no advanced training. read more

Is the NIR Smart Sensor affected by ambient lighting, temperature, humidity or dust?

Ambient conditions to consider when selecting in-process instrumentation. read more

What factors impact IR temperature sensor performance?

This application analysis form will help our experts recommend the best sensor for your application and budget. read more

How to troubleshoot IR temperature sensors

How to Troubleshoot IR Temperature Sensors read more

Which optics are right for my Surveyor IR Camera?

Optics calculator for the Surveyor Thermal Imaging Camera Series read more

How do I use a Calibration Check Standard?

This help guide describes how to use a Calibration Check Standard on a benchtop or on-line MCT NIR sensor. read more

What is the difference between a one-color and two-color temperature sensor?

Learn about the differences between one and two color IR temperature sensors. read more

What pyrometer sighting method is right for me?

Throughlens, laser aiming and video outputs are available depending on operator needs and conditions. read more

How do IR temperature sensors measure temperature?

A brief overview of IR radiation theory and sensor operation. read more

What are the advantages of having the PC software?

The PSC ViewerSuite software package is versatile and simple to use. read more

How easy is it to troubleshoot the NIR Smart Sensor?

On-board diagnostics give immediate visibility to operators. read more

How close should the NIR Smart Sensor be from the product?

Proper installation ensures optimal sensor performance. read more