Process Sensors Corporation

IR Temperature Sensors

Process Sensors offers a wide range of on-line fixed sensors for immediate and continuous temperature measurement and control in industrial processes. With a variety of special features, accessories and software options available, our technical experts can help match you with the best sensor for your application.

Transfer Standard Diadem Pyrometer Series

Ultra precision transfer standard pyrometer. A high-accuracy solution for calibration verification compliance. Temperature ranges go from 250 to 3500°C.

Metis M3 Pyrometer

The Process Sensors Metis M3 Series pyrometers are available in one-color and two-color versions with adjustable focus, through lens, laser, or video sighting optics. Temperature ranges begin at 50°C and end at 3300°C. Comes with a temperature display.

Metis H3 Pyrometer Series

The ultra-high speed (40 us) Metis H3 Series pyrometers are available in single and dual wavelength versions. Temperature ranges from 120°C and end at 3300°C.

Metis MB Pyrometer Series

The Metis MB series of stand-alone pyrometers feature lead sulphide and lead selenide detectors to measure metal surfaces above 50°C. Temperature range of 130 to 700°C.

Metis MY Pyrometer Series

The Metis MY series of precision on-line process pyrometers offer adjustable, focusable optics for pinpointing very small targets. Has several temperature ranges from 50 to 2500°C

PSC-52LT Pyrometer

The PSC-52LT offers high resolution fixed focus optics with small spot sizes. Optical and electronics parts are enclosed in a rugged stainless steel housing for use in harsh environments. Ideal for low temperature applications. Temperature range from 0 to 1000°C

PSC-54 Series

The PSC-54 Series is available in two sighting methods, delivering high resolution fixed focus optics with small spot sizes. Optical and electronics parts are enclosed in a rugged stainless steel housing for use in harsh environments. Offers a wide range of temperatures spanning from 200 to 3200°C

PSC-55N Series

A self-contained, stainless steel sensor with 4 to 20 mA and RS485 Modbus RTU outputs. On-board temperature menu display with three aiming methods:laser, through lens, or video. Available in one or two color versions. Has high-resolution fixed or motorized optics. Temperature ranges from 200 to 3000°C. Reliable endurance for long-lasting, demanding operations in harsh conditions.

PSC-56 Series

Rich in features, the self-contained two-color model PSC-SR56N and one-color models PSC-G56N/PSC-S56N pyrometers offer a choice of four sighting methods. Has five temperature ranges spanning from 200 to 3200°C

PSC-44 Series

The PSC-44 Series offers fast response speed, high accuracy and repeatability, linear 4-20mA analog output and a digital RS485 interface for glass and metal applications. Temperature ranges from 0ºC to 2500ºC.

PSC-40 Series

The PSC-40 Series is a two-wired, loop-powered sensor which provides accurate temperature measurement from -40 to 2500°C. Also available in fiber optic. Industrial applications including induction heating, steel making, glass, kilns, food, dryers, ovens, furnaces, medical apparatus and R&D.

PSC-42 Series

The PSC-42 Series of simple, 2-wire loop powered sensors offer on-board emissivity adjustment, multiple wavelength options and wide temperature ranges. Ideal for industrial and OEM machine building applications with wide temperature range of -40°C to 2500°C.


A 2-color fiber optic pyrometer ideal for industrial applications. Has various temperature ranges from 600 °C to 3000 °C. All parameters are adjustable via push-buttons displayed directly on the device.


A 2-color fiber optic pyrometer ideal for industrial applications. Has various temperature ranges from 300°C to 2300°C. All parameters are adjustable via push-buttons displayed directly on the device. Multiple wavelengths available through 2 channels.

PSC-SF30/34NG Series

Fiber Optic IR temperature pyrometers with wide temperature range of 600°C to 1800°C for glass applications.

Sirius Series SS09, SI16, SI23

The Sirius Series sensors are small, compact and easy-to-install with digital and analog outputs. Shorter wavelengths make them an excellent choice for measurement of ferrous and non-ferrous metals above 50°C. Temperature range from 50°C to 2500°C.

Polaris Series PS09, PI16

The Polaris Series is a cost-efficient and accurate infrared temperature switching device used for the recognition of hot parts. Hot metal detector. Comes in temperature ranges of 250 to 1800°C


Intrinsically safe, self-contained, fixed focus two-wire sensor, the PSC-EX301-XT-CB5 is designed primarily for precise measurements of non-reflective surfaces in the -20 to 1000ºC temperature range.

PSC-SSS-Laser Series

Two piece digital model PSC-SSS-Laser Series offers high resolution optics, dual lasers for aiming, fast response speed, on board back lit temperature display, and a large choice of wavelengths for a variety of industrial, medical, and scientific applications. Comes in temperature ranges of -40 to 2200°C

PSC-CS Laser Series

Self-contained digital IR thermometer packed with powerful features and functionality. Dual lasers for aiming. Temperature range begins at -30°C and ends at 1600°C. Has a fast response time of 10ms.


PSC-IR-USB Series sensors operate with the 4-20mA output or USB connected and are fully configurable from a PC, using the PSC Congfig software with supplied USB cable. Temperature range -40°C to 2000°C and response time of 200ms.


Low cost 2-wire sensor with fixed focus optics, 4 - 20 mA output, & optional software ideal for OEM applications. Temperature range from -30°C to 900°C.


Miniature sensing head design for measurement of inaccessible or moving objects. Optional touch screen interface for indication, graphing, configuration and data logging to MicroSD card. Temperature range -20°C to 2000°C.

PSC-SSS Series

Highly versatile low cost solution for reliable temperature measurement. Two-piece sensor systems with ultra small sensing head, analog & digital outputs, and built-in temperature display for OEM and direct applications. Temperature range of -50°C to 1600°C.


An industrial infrared non-contact miniature digital sensor that can operate independently via RS-485 Modbus and interface directly to a PLC. Temperature range from -20°C to 1000°C.

PSC-PC and PSC-PE Series

Ideal for OEM applications and intended for temperature measurement on non-reflective materials from -20 to 500ºC, these compact but durable sensors are simple to install and operate.

PSC-CMS Series

Low cost ultra-compact sensor with small spot size, fast response time, alarm options & a variety of wavelengths. Temperature ranges from -30°C to 1600°C


A self-contained infrared pyrometer at an affordable price. The PSC-CS-LT15-TCK has a wide temperature range of -40°C to 1030°C, usable up to 80°C ambient temperature without cooling. The unit's many switchable alarm and digital outputs (0-5Vdc, 0-10VDC or K type thermocouple type) makes it easy to integrate into current factory systems.