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Custom Pyrometer OEM Solutions

OEM NIR SensorProcess Sensors has worked with many customers and integrators over the last 20 years to develop customized IR temperature sensors for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) applications.  Custom development allows our customers to fully integrate our technology into their products for seamless operation by the end-user. Our focus is on providing a cost-effective, trouble-free capability to producers of high quality machinery and production equipment to add value and improve their success in the marketplace.  

Whether it is as simple as a color change or a more complicated optics, wavelength, hardware, or turn-key solution, our product managers and engineers can work with you to design the perfect sensor to integrate and compliment your product needs. Some of the previous OEM projects have included:

Custom Temperature Sensor

If you have a custom OEM integration application and require a tailored solution, please fill out the form below and one of our technical experts will will contact you to discuss your project.

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